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Black Swan
10 August 2009

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Fixing the roof
5 August 2009

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Hanami 花見
1 May 2009

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1 April 2009

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Yellow Bus
30 March 2009

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First Sunset of 2009
2 January 2009

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高雄 京都 
17 November 2008

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The Red Paper Bag
15 September 2008

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Many many many bulbs
18 June 2008

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15 June 2008

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Cave man
19 March 2008

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22 October 2007

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6 October 2007

Recent Comments

Nenad on Black Swan
Hi there... This is really great. You are making stunning photos here. Keep shooting... Best regards.

Katalog Stron on Black Swan
great image,exellent compo,bravo

AL on Black Swan
Ohhhhh.....I love this! The black swan is gorgeous

Phua SY on Hanami 花見
wah this photo really really nice

Christel on Fixing the roof
Good morning Eddie, a very interesting recording. It is with a lot of work, this umbrella to cover. The green grass in ...

LayMin on Hanami 花見
Hi hi... you really take a good shot of this photo. Hmm... do you have another blog? It's difficult for me to view ...

Ha on 地蔵禅院
Great shoot! arigato

tokyo-drifter on
Good use of DOF in your shots. (Btw, is it 座 or 座布団?)

tokyo-drifter on Hanami 花見
Cherry blossoms are beautiful, but very tough to capture in a meaningful photo. You got a good one here!

Fade ToBLACK on Sakura
amazing shot

Jia Ren on musical Sakura
wow.....very nice ;)...ichiban ^_^

jim on Hou Yi Tao
i like this a lot, and the Kuri from yesterday. you have some really wonderful photos here. jim

Sarah on Kuri at Miho Museum
Such a stunning shot - beautiful!

timothy on Attack
how unsuspecting--moment captured very well

Marie-Hélène Ammor on Attack
Wow...!! It's superb ,great capture !! i like the instant ,the beauty of the bird and the colors of background !!

lissa on Momiji 紅葉
I like the composition, the soft focus surroundings brings out the beauty of the bright red leaf

Leora on Momiji 紅葉
I do love your photos, and this one is fabulous! Great isolation of one leaf, but you show a few others lingering in ...

Leora on 高雄 2
Another striking fall foliage shot against a unique building! Lovely reds.

Leora on 高雄 京都 
Breathtakingly beautiful. What wonderful color in a rustic setting.

romine on Murian
nice framing. I also like the effect of the slow motion of the river. last, but not least, i love the colors.

Ada on Miho Musuem
Fusion of great design and wonderful nature's colors. Beautiful capture!

Chibita on Hanging on
so cute......

Johnnyanne on 3rd Planet
Great capture.

Leora on The Red Paper Bag
Nice to see one of your photos once again. Great set up of the subject to the left, the little red bag as the only red ...

dj.tigersprout on Roof shot
hmm -- beautiful! love the muted colors!

dj.tigersprout on It is Matsuri time
simply beautiful! great light -- great composition -- great cultural aspect -- brilliant!

Steve Rice on Sento Villa Kyoto
Very nice. The fall colors are vibrant.

Steve Rice on Sunny day
Beautiful shot. What kind of geese are these?

Steve Rice on 美 。。太短
Really nice. I like this temple.

Steve Rice on It is Matsuri time
Cute guy. Great portrait.

lissa on Roof shot
wish I could go there and take pictures but your photos certainly takes me there, it's quite calming but it's ...

Leora on Roof shot
Great colors. And composition. Love the overall olive green tone with the bright red lights.

Leora on Tub
Green, rust, and water: what a great combination. I love water photos, especially since it's so hot here today. ...

Ras on Tub
Well done nice colors.

Anonymous on Tub
oohhh....i am so jealous of ur pictures

lissa on Tub
great saturated colors

Ras on Prism
nice reflection.

celialee on Underground
I like the B&W here....

celialee on 美 。。太短
Nice the colour adjustment you did here!!

celialee on Hanging on
Haha....cute...I like this series!

lissa on Underground
like a quiet hallway of sorts, I like the black and white

dj.tigersprout on Underground
impressive angle and pov... love the texture of the bricks and tiles.

Anonymous on Hanging on
That's you.

dj.tigersprout on Hanging on
simply adorble! but did i miss this earlier? or did you post late? so glad i checked back! excellent!

dj.tigersprout on Many many many bulbs
wow. very trippy and illustrative! nice!

dj.tigersprout on Sending the Soul
has no one seen this? wow. soooo marvelous! all i can say is -- its amazing! bravo!

dj.tigersprout on Red3
this is a painting -- truly wonderful result!

dj.tigersprout on Stillness
this is a beautiful feeling here... your pictures feel to me like wonderful memories... i love that.

dj.tigersprout on Cave man
wow. this is really something wonderful! excellent capture! the blue hues are amazing... and the complete visual is ...

dj.tigersprout on 美 。。太短
wow. did not see this yesterday -- glad i clicked on it today. wonderful feeling and coloring here. looks like a memory.

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